Kong - Divergence Oscillator

Learn how to use our divergence oscillator
The Divergence indicator is a momentum based indicator, and is quite effective when making trade decisions. The indicator is seperated by a middle line, the blue line above this is bullish momentum and below this is bearish momentum. Our tool allows you to spot divergences within the price action, which allows you to make quicker or more informed decisions about on your trades.
You are able to enable and disable which indicators you want to see or be alerted to in the properties of the indicator as shown below.
The best feature of our Oscillator is that it can even spot hidden divegences not picked up by other indicators. This could indicate a big price swing in a certain direction and the protential for big profits, or an early indication to sell your position. Here’s a great example of the hidden divergence indicator in action.
You can see hidden bullish devirgence detected even before our super signal detected and printed a buy signal, allowing you to get into a trade even earlier and be ready to get in when the buy signal prints. This is just another tool in your arsenal to allow you to make smart decisions when placing trades. By using the Hidden Bullish signal you will have managed to get into a trade super early and maximise your profits. You can use this indicator for the opposite affect by selecting Hidden bearish divergence, this will allow the indicator to detect potential changes in price action and to adjust your take profit or stop loss.