Kong - Super Signals

The Super Signal!
Kong Super Signal is the main indicator in the package and alone can produce great trading results, using the package as a whole will learn you the fundementals of trading but if you want to get stuck in load up Kong Singals PREMIUM - Super Signals from your indicators list and lets get going.
By default your signal indicator is set up for the most basic of quick trades, so you will see multiple indicators for buying and selling, these work great if you are monitoring the signals and want to pick up every posible trade. however their is no magic signal, and a buy signal could quickly change to a sell signal if there is sudden bearish price action. we recommend using these settings on the 1M & 5M Charts as reference and you can fine tune them to your prefereces as you become a more familar trader. More on this later.
Super Signals is a simple indicator which displays a blue buy signal when the recent bottom appears to have been reached and a red sell signal when a potential recent peak has been reached. You are able to use these to indications to buy and sell to your chosing with a good sucessful trade rate, but we recommend using Levels and Trends Indicators to choose a position and set take profit and stop losses. You can view this more advanced trading strategy by checking out Smarter Trading Section of this guide.
We recoomend using the following settings for more accurate trading on Kong Signals when you are familar with how the super signals indicator works.
ATR Multiplyer set to 9 reduces the amount of signals delivered but the distance and potential profit between them is greater.
As you can see less super signals are delivered but they are more distanced producing potentially more profitable and longer trades. this is great for people who dont want to day trade small profits and make bigger trades with more potential profit.
Next we will explain how the Trends Indicator can deliver confirmation to the signal to be sure of a better entry once again their is no magical formula but using these signals allows you to make smater decisions.