Kong - Trends Indicator

Learn how to use our trends indicator
Kong - Trends Indicator displays a blue band when on an uptrend and a red band when on a downtrend. Trends can be used in conjunction with super signals help make better trading decisions and potentially stay in a trade longer.
The blue trend line displays an uptrend and the further the line is away from the chart bars shows how strong this trend is, as you can see on this screenshot the buy signal was deliverd on an slowly growing uptrend and then a signicicant uptrend can into pplay shooting the chart up. This was met by a small amount of resistance when the line changed to red signaling a potential downtrend and shortly after the uptrend continued. on the next downtrend a sell signal was printed indicating the end of the uptrend. The trends indicator helps visualise currenty price action and in turn delivers a indicator as to if the trend is about to turn or continue upwards.
The further blue line is away from the chart the stronger the uptrend.
The further red line is away from the chart the stronger the downtrend
A line closer to the chart can show a potential reversal or go through a short range finding session and buy and sell signals produced in this area could potentially fail to meet their target. newer traders may want to wait for a clearer trade signal instead if placing a trade here.