Your First Trade

Making your first successful trade.
Kong signals puts the ball in your court by offering great indicators to recommend the best time to place a trade, although there is no magic formula, you can make decisions based on what the indicators provide and use them to your favour.
We are going to explain a basic trade using Kong signals that you can start using right away.
Firstly, you will need to find a recent Buy Signal, on this example we will be using the 5 min chart (although we recommend making longer 15m or 30m trades for maximum profit). 1m to 5m charts are fine for quick day trading but your "take profit" gains might be lower.
A buy signal has been displayed after the last sell signal. You can see the trend was bearish for a small amount of time, but it now looks like it might start to run again. In this situation place a buy within the buy signal around here, then set a small take profit / stop loss amount on the 5m chart. You should aim for 0.5% Take Profit and 0.25% Stop loss this will give you a 2:1 ratio of return.
Now your trade is in, and you have set a reasonable take profit marker there's a good chance of this being a successful trade, without the indicators it would be hard to know if the chart is at a recent bottom. This is where the indicators hold their value.
As you can see so far this trade is performing rather well, the trend line is now blue so things are looking good.
Congratulations!! Your Take Profit level has been hit, and if you set it in your trading platform it will automatically sell your position for a profit. as you can see the candle immediately dropped on the next bar, so having the Take Profit position active allowed you to catch the peak and make profit. In its simplest form, this is successful trade using Kong super signals to identify an entry and exit for a profitable trade.
This trade was completed in less than 2 hours, with no attention required, as long as your Take Profit and Stop levels have been entered correctly on your trading platform. If you are using leveraged trading or margain trades like this can be very profitable, but if you are just starting out we recommend placing smaller $20 - $50 trades while you are practising the strategies.
Last modified 4mo ago